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Jeff Rasche 
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Jon Rasche 
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On May 1, 2002 Jeff and Jon acquired Valley City Plating from their parents (Bob and Carol) with the understanding that they would pay the agreed value for the business over the next 15 years. On May 1, 2010 the last payment was made and the loan was paid in full, and in that same year the building note was also paid in full.

Jeff started with the company on November 21, 1994 after honorably serving 8 years in the United States Air force. Over the years Jeff has worked as a; polisher, plater, machine operator, welder, and everything in between before becoming the sales manager in 1997. Today Jeff still spends many hours on the shop floor working to improve the: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, and Morale for our customers, suppliers, and associates.

Jon started with Valley City Plating in 1986 (while in high school) doing janitorial work. After receiving a BA in Management, Jon went on to work in retail management for 5 years and then to the Insurance Industry for 5 years (both with Multi-Billion dollar companies). On May 4, 1998 Jon returned to Valley City Plating as the plant manager.